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One-Time-Offer: Try Your First Bottle Of Healthy Liver Support For Just $29.95

From: Jonathan Mizel
Fatty Liver Solution

I get it, money is tight and technically, we just met.

However, because I know how much people love our supplement, and how effective it is, I’m willing to let you try your first bottle for just $29.95 with free US shipping, which is a half-off the retail price.

Remember, this formula was created specifically to work with our program. It contains the most important ingredients that support healthy liver function and encourage detoxification.

Here’s what’s inside the capsule…

Milk Thistle – In the Middle Ages, people used it for ailments like inflammation, eczema, jaundice, alcohol poisoning, and emotional distress. This powerful antioxidant supports healthy inflammatory response and stimulates liver cell production.†

Zinc – Typically low in people who have NAFLD or NASH, zinc helps protect your liver from future damage by reducing lipid buildup. Shown to support and improve neurological liver function.†

Beet Root – Contains betaine, which supports cardiovascular health and has been shown to break down fatty acids. Helps the body cleanse heavy metals and waste with nitric acid, essential for detoxification.†

Artichoke – Another member of the thistle family, artichoke stimulates bile flow, which helps to carry toxins from your liver out of your body. Aids digestion and has been shown to improve liver-related eyesight issues.†

Dandelion – Stimulates liver function, and also fights symptoms associated with hepatitis, inflammation, and jaundice, this digestive helper and skin toner, even supports urinary tract health.†

Burdock Root – Rich in iron, calcium, and vitamin C, burdock has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been shown to heal liver cells from damage caused by alcohol, acetaminophen, or other liver-damaging toxins.†

Ginger – Our formulation includes gingerols and shogaols, both of which help reduce inflammation and protect against cellular damage. Ginger may also help protect your liver against toxins like alcohol and help inhibit inflammation.†

Turmeric – Numerous studies suggest that turmeric may help treat NAFLD by reducing inflammation and improving overall liver function. Turmeric can also help with weight loss and lowering liver enzyme levels.†

Choline – Choline is essential for healthy liver function. Your brain and nervous system need it to regulate memory, mood, and other functions, and research has linked choline deficiency to fatty liver disease.†

Backed By Real Science

These ingredients in Healthy Liver Support have been shown to support the liver in both clinical and non-clinical studies by protecting liver cells, supporting healthy digestion, stabilizing liver enzymes, and much more.

100% Guaranteed Or It’s Free

I’d love to send you a one-month supply to try out risk-free for a full 60 days. If you aren’t 100% satisfied for ANY reason at all, just let me know and I’ll send you a full refund with no questions asked. You don’t even need to send it back!

I know that’s a crazy offer, and some people might take advantage of us. But I’m not worried because I’ve seen the results with my own two eyes. Besides, if you don’t get any benefit from it, I’d feel bad charging you. I want to make this deal as risk-free as possible.

Healthy Liver Support is currently in stock and available at special discount pricing for customers of the Fatty Liver Solution program (that’s you).

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One Month Supply

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$59.95 Value with FREE SHIPPING!

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